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Wildfire takes on ‘boring’ B2B PR with sleep-inducing ASMR video

The tech PR agency partnered with WhisperAudios ASMR to give the world of B2B a much-needed wakeup call

Kingston upon Thames, UK, 20th April 2023 – Tech PR agency Wildfire today launched the world’s first ASMR video using B2B content including whitepapers, webinars, and LinkedIn posts to put people to sleep.

Screenshot 2023 04 20 at 12.08.27 300x201 - Wildfire takes on ‘boring’ B2B PR with sleep-inducing ASMR video

The 45-minute video, launched in partnership with ASMR influencer WhisperAudios, promotes the need for B2B brands to get creative, avoiding tired content that “bores customers to sleep”.

Triggering an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR videos have become a popular way to fall asleep at night, stimulating a relaxing sensation known as ‘tingles’.

The video forms part of a wider ‘B2Bold’ campaign from Wildfire, encouraging B2B brands to get creative and dispelling the myth that B2B buyers solely rely on cold, unemotive decision making.

According to industry data shared by Wildfire, 70% of B2B buying decisions are emotionally led, while 48% of B2B buyers say they’re bored by the content and campaigns they see.

Commenting on the campaign, Debby Penton, MD at Wildfire, said, “B2B brands see creativity as some sort of risk, but it’s not. The bigger risk is churning out the same boring content that your customers have seen a thousand times before. In a market as complex and crowded as B2B tech, the real enemy is mediocrity. Fail to be memorable and people will switch off.

“And I get it. Faced with limited budgets, creativity feels risky and a lot of hard work. But brands need it now more than ever. B2B campaigns that are emotive and creative are not only the most memorable, they’re also the most effective at driving business results.” 

If you’re having trouble sleeping and want to experience the sheer boredom of B2B content, then check out Wildfire’s video here. Thankfully, a shortened version is also available.

Learn more about Wildfire’s B2Bold campaign and why B2B doesn’t have to be boring:

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