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Wanted! Brian Staiger of HelloPharmacist and Molina Healthcare… As a news source focused on the public relations industry, we hold a positive view of our colleagues in the PR agency community. Many of these agencies work diligently to serve their clients, and some even operate on a performance-based model where they only charge for successful press coverage. Recently, one such agency reached out to our PR Pioneer team…

wANTED 1024x768 - Wanted! Brian Staiger of HelloPharmacist and Molina Healthcare…

It is not uncommon for dishonest companies to take advantage of the goodwill of others, and unfortunately, this seems to happen more frequently in the marketing and advertising fields. In this case, however, the agency in question acted in good faith when they were hired by Dr. Brian Staiger of HelloPharmacist (formerly of Walrus Health) to conduct a public relations campaign for his brand. He now appears to work for Molina Healthcare (residing in Buffalo, New York) as a Utilization Management Analyst, according to his Linkedin profile. It also states that he studied at the University at Buffalo Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences The agency successfully achieved their targets and submitted an invoice to Dr. Staiger for their work.

Regrettably, Dr. Brain Staiger did not respond to any of the agency’s subsequent emails or calls, leaving the agency without payment for their services. In fact, the agency lost money as it had paid for costs on behalf of HelloPharmacist. We are currently seeking any information on Dr. Brian Staiger’s past business practices and welcome any leads from our readers.

A little bit more information about Brian Staiger…

He previously worked as an Insurance Operations lead for Thirty Madison and as an Adjunct Instructor at the State University of New York at Buffalo – School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

We reached out for comment, but he did not reply. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story…

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