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PR tips
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Using PR to gain Leads

Using PR to gain Leads: The inclusion of PR in the sales process is extremely beneficial as it can speed up the conversion process. One of the many challenges faced by companies is converting leads into sales.  Users and potential customers are constantly exposed to a variety of information. This is why customer experience should always be placed as a top priority. Customer experience is an effective way to increase conversions. According to WordStream, “A conversion occurs when a visitor to your website completes a desired goal, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. The percentage of total visitors that convert is called your conversion rate”.

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Customer experience can be measured by when the customer is first introduced to the brand to the ownership of the brand or product. Incorporating PR in the sales process creates trust between customers and companies, as well as improving customer experiences. Another benefit of including PR in the sales process, is that it builds credibility and exposure, which generates more leads. 

Generating leads is an essential step in the sales process. According to LeadSquare, “…a lead is an individual or organization with an interest in what you are selling. The interest is expressed by sharing contact information, like an email ID, a phone number, or even a social media handle”. Getting coverage on media platforms can increase new business inquiries and sales. Getting featured on various media platforms will expand your reach to a new audience and it can also build a solid reputation for the company. Incorporating PR in your sales process is crucial in establishing credibility and trust between users/customers and companies. 

Here are a few ways to include PR can help companies generate more leads:

  • Implementing PR in the sales process generates attention from potential leads.The general public often view newstories as more credible than advertisements. The average user/customer is flooded with advertisements on a daily basis. Most of those advertisements tend to be ignored by customers. Journalists excel at writing catchy headlines that grab readers attention.  By utilizing the power of the press, companies can capture customers’ attention. Drafting up a great media pitch will get journalists interested in featuring your content on their publication. Thus expanding your reach to new audiences and potential leads.
  • Media features stimulate desire from the reader. This is achieved by highlighting the benefits of your product. Including case studies and testimonials in your media pitch is a great way of highlighting these benefits and also helps journalists understand who is using your product. Getting good press on your product creates a snowball effect which leads to more press and a larger audience. 
  • Another benefit of being featured on publications as opposed to paid advertisement is that paid advertisements are expensive and don’t last very long unless you keep paying for it. News article features are free and stay up longer than paid advertisements. 
  • Another way in which PR generates leads is by reassuring potential customers. If there is constant activity on the company’s webpage or they are constantly being featured on publications for awards, new products and events then this will reassure potential customers that everything is running smoothly within the business. 
  • Including a press section on the company’s webpage is useful for customer reassurance. An easily accessible press section not only reassures customers by creating credibility and allows businesses to track what draws the most interest and clicks.  
  • Lastly, when a company delivers excellent customer experience and amazing products customers feel inclined to spread the word. In this case public relations is the perfect tool to amplify this by capitalising on positive customer interaction. This can be done through case studies and testimonials. This also improves the company’s credibility to new potential leads. 

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