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PR tips
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Top 10 PR Agencies in Canada

Top 10 PR agencies in Canada you should check out!

The responsibility of a PR agency is to promote your business through gaining coverage, in order to increase its reputation and awareness within its particular industry. A PR agency with usually collaborate with your business’ marketing team in order to come up with a strategy to do this. A good agency will effectively help manage your brand’s reputation via a simple method of sharing the right information with the correct people and places. Through a selection of marketing strategies, a PR agency can help change the future of your brand, which is why it is vital to choose the right one for your individual needs.

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The duties of a PR agency usually include, but are not limited to: crafting enriching, innovative press releases, pitches, market research, copywriting services, networking, social media, blogging and crisis management. Here are our top 10 PR agencies in Canada:

  1. Edkent Media

A leading PR and digital marketing company, Edkent Media has created a name for itself in the field through delivering high-quality, effective services, as well as measurable results as proof. Edkent Media prides itself in offering informative, thought-provoking strategies that are customizable according to your brand’s individual needs. The team takes a straightforward, simple approach in order to ensure optimal results.

  1. Jelly PR & Digital Marketing

Jelly is a team of expert digital storytellers who work together with your business to have your brand message and products seen by the correct industry people. Offering services in public relations, social media and digital advertising, Jelly considers themselves experts in combining the trio to provide the best possible amplification for your brand. Jelly can manage your brand’s press releases, media events and social media among other services, using online analytics to effectively pinpoint your target audience.

  1. Mind Meld PR

Founded in 2019 in Vancouver, Mind Meld comprises a team of PR experts who are all ex-journalists, meaning media pitches are innovative and customizable according to your brand. Offering services in constructing thought-provoking press releases, thought leadership, PR strategy and content marketing, Mind Meld will collaborate with your business’ marketing team to effectively come up with the best possible way to increase your brand’s awareness within its relative industry.

  1. Popcorn

If you hate boring, traditional marketing strategies, Popcorn is the public relations and digital marketing agency for you. Servings brands and businesses across Europe, Canada, USA, Asia and Australia, Popcorn prides itself on building innovative campaigns that drive measurable results for your company’s needs. The agency promises a refreshing, human-centric approach to your marketing strategy, with hundreds of successful campaigns and clients as proof.

  1. Front + Centre

A modern-day PR, digital marketing, social media and communications agency, Front + Center specializes in working with consumer, lifestyle, D2C and e-commerce brands. They offer services in influencer marketing, media relations and experiential marketing. Front + Center’s main objective is to get relevant people to talk about your brand, endorse you and create awareness and buzz, through crafting and amplifying your story and message.

  1. VOCAB Communication

Moving with trends across a multitude of industries, VOCAB aims to drive maximum results for your brand via an effective marketing strategy designed to suit your individual needs. The agency’s internal values consist of: solid relationships with the right media people, campaigns infused with passion and compassion, attention to detail, honesty and loyalty, creative thinking and open communication.

  1. Pointman News Creation

This leading Toronto boutique agency emphasizes innovative concepts, labelling its strategy as aggressive PR with better tactics. They are confident that this philosophy allows them to creatively craft the best pitches and concepts in order to maximise earned media. Pointman attributes their best storytelling strategies to a topically relevant, editorial approach, using their journalistic professionalism to ensure engaging, informative media pitching.

  1. Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives is a Toronto-based agency creating passionate, boundary-pushing social public relations for brands across a host of industries. Delivering real-world results via out-the-box thinking, the agency seeks to reimagine communication with consumers in a meaningful, credible way. From influencer marketing to social media, and special events to experiential activations, Strategic Objectives has your brand covered.

  1. Finch Media

This award-winning public relations and communications agency will help manage your brand reputation through sharing compelling, engaging content with the correct media connections. Finch Media’s senior team of PR professionals can help increase buzz around your brand within its relevant field. Priding themselves on executing campaigns across a multitude of different platforms, the agency offers a variety of services tailored to meet your business’ precise needs.

  1. Orkestra

PR, advertising, content and branding agency, Orkestra, offers a selection of easy-to-use services that are perfectly customizable according to your brand’s messages, values and overall story. Through conception, planning and management of ideas, this agency prides itself on its positive, communicative culture and team of expert media specialists.

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