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PR tips
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Top 10 PR Agencies in Australia

Top 10 PR Agencies in Australia: A strong PR agency will help strengthen your brand by building relationships with the public in order to promote your business. When done effectively, public relations can help improve your business image, as well as develop a mutually beneficial relationship with relevant media.

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The role of a PR agency is to effectively manage your brand’s reputation, securing coverage through reputable media and the press. Today’s PR professionals are tech-savvy, as well as creative thinkers, fusing the two into a storytelling strategy individually catered to your brand. Since this is an important responsibility, as a business, you likely want to make the best possible informed decision. Here is a guide to some of the top 10 PR agencies in Australia to help you out:

  1. Sequel PR

Sequel takes a dynamic approach to public relations and communications, driven by a team of media and marketing pros with decades of experience. Translating complex information and data into informative, accessible messages for your brand audience, Sequel executes brand marketing and communications strategies for both small upcoming brands, as well as well-established businesses. The agency is also well-known for delivering effective regionalized and grassroots campaigns, reaching target audiences outside of capital cities. Sequel has experience in PR, change and crisis management, multi-platform media campaigns, traditional and digital marketing communications, branding, design and event publicity.

  1. Neon Black

This award-winning team of creative communication experts consider themselves PR pros, consultants, social content creators, communications strategists and an events agency. Neon Black understands that every brand has their own individual story, therefore, they aim to communicate this in the best possible way to reach your intended audience and make the impact you desire for your business. Offering an eclectic mix of public relations, marketing and creative services, Neon Black specializes in the following fields: Digital & Social; Events & Activations; Influencer Marketing and everything you need to suit your PR needs.

  1. Piccolo PR

This leading Sydney- and Melbourne-based public relations agency prides itself in the message: “Better brand building using your unique story”. Brand innovators and creative storytellers, Piccolo aims to delivery bold marketing strategies with a global perspective, that drives authentic commercial success. Piccolo specializes in the following industries: homewares, interiors, kids, travel, fashion, retail, health & wellbeing. The agency offers services in brand strategy, digital & social media, content creation, events, talent management and building awareness.

  1. Thrive PR & Communications

This heavyweight PR and communications agency combines big agency resources and investment in the best talent, with the spirit of entrepreneurship and the freedom to do things differently. Thrive partners with both bigger and emerging brands in the ‘corp-sumer’ space, delivering digital media and PR services with a modern, creative outlook. Well-known for achieving success in terms of earned media, Thrive prides itself in being accountable, innovative and reshaping the definition of PR.

  1. Elevate Communication

Consisting of a team of dedicated communications professionals, Elevate provides a full range of services that are perfectly customizable for your individual brand. Driven by client service and creative excellence, this agency has an infection passion for strategic communications. Providing expertise in: media relations, corporate communication, social & digital marketing and crisis management, Elevate aims to boost your brand’s reputation and gain the awareness you desire for your business.

  1. Adoni Media

This public relations, media training and crisis management agency has a team of certified digital experts to help clients drive more traffic to their website, boosting SEO rankings and increasing brand awareness. Using publicity and strategy to grow your business, the agency incorporates high-value data mines from analytics on digital campaigns to help shape your story and convey it to the intended audience.

  1. BlueChip Communication

Integrating public relations, marketing and communication, Blue Chip provides your brand with evidence-based insight, goal-driven strategy and industry knowledge to help boost your business rankings. Lasered focused on your brand objectives, BlueChip helps your business lead via marketing and PR strategies that both create opportunity and solve problems. Combining art, science and creativity, this agency aims to help you succeed fast.

  1. Believe Advertising & PR

This public relations and advertising agency has been building a reputation amongst clients and the press for over a decade. The team consists of experienced senior PR pros who are driven to giving your business the best possible results. Working with a diverse range of clients, Believe is all about making your marketing dreams come true.

  1. The Buzz Group

Creating thoughtful, creative campaigns that drive authentic buzz to your brand, The Buzz Group super connects all the elements you need to amplify your business on a local and international scale. This agency has global resources in travel, food, lifestyle, business, health and entertainment – everything you need for a dynamic campaign catered to your business’ needs.

  1. Milk & Honey PR

Backed by a team of 20-strong PR, digital and media experts, Milk & Honey puts storytelling at the forefront of every campaign. Creating campaigns across multiple platforms, the agency aims to deliver measurable results to market your business in the best way possible. Inspired by passion, creativity and diversity, Milk & Honey will help boost your brand’s reputation to drive sales.

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