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PR tips
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Few Tips For Working From Home With Your Spouse

There’s a reason we are told not to mix business and pleasure, and many couples across the globe right now are having to face the challenges of working from home with their partner. To help, we have put together a set of tips to help ease the pressures of working from home with your spouse:

Communication is key:

Working from home with your spouse can be challenging. Take time in morning before the working day starts to talk about what you both have ahead of you. It can be useful to let your partner know your schedule and ask them questions such as ‘is there anything I can do to make it easier for you today?’. Being a supportive partner doesn’t have to stop just because you are now sharing an office.

Do not disturb:

It can be helpful to find a space in the house that is designated to ‘total focus’. It can be frustrating facing distractions when you are working on a particular task. Having a space that lets your partner know you are not free to chat right now can be very useful to maintaining harmony.

They are not your colleague:

Remember that while it can be easy to turn to your spouse for brainstorming sessions or to discuss the awkward meeting you just had; they are not your colleague. It can become too much if you rely on your partner for everything in the house – remember, you still have to share the domestic responsibilities too after the working day ends.

Avoid areas of the home:

Try and avoid working from areas such as the bedroom – it is important to separate your work and home life as much as possible.

Go on an après work (lockdown) date:

It is important to remember that the working day has come to an end, and creating little dates for the end of the day together can help keep the love vs work balance. Gestures throughout the day are also welcome treats – bringing a coffee to your partner before they ask in their favourite mug wouldn’t go amiss.

Be mindful of noise:

Have a discussion with your partner about what level of noise is suitable to work in, and be mindful if your other half is on a call. It’s less than desirable to have the rest of the people on your meeting hear your partner doing the dishes in the background!

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