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The Top 10 Publications for Achieving Press Coverage and Backlinks in Alabama

The Top 10 Publications for Achieving Press Coverage and Backlinks in Alabama: Alabama, known as the ‘Yellowhammer’ state, has a strong history of local journalism to keep Alabamians up to date on the latest news and happenings in their state. For local companies or brands (as well as PR agencies) based in Alabama who have a new product or service that they want to promote, securing press coverage in local publications can be both extremely valuable in terms of creating awareness and reaching the right target audience, but it can also provide valuable SEO benefits, by way of securing backlinks from these Alabama publications. We have identified the top 10 publications in Alabama for achieving press coverage and backlinks to help you promote your business. As well as unique visitor figures, we have included the domain authority (DA) for each publication’s website, as well as some insights on how journalists from each publication like to be pitched, and what kind of stories they like to receive from companies or public relations agencies.

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  1. is the online version of Birmingham News, a daily news publication that is based in Birmingham, Alabama. It covers sections such as local and breaking news, sports and weather updates. The website attracts a monthly readership of 2.8 million and has a strong domain authority of 89, proving to be a great website to include in your SEO strategy to boost views. In our experience, we found that the journalists here prefer to receive their press releases via email.

  1. is the online version of Mobile Press-Register a newspaper that is published three times a week based in Mobile, Alabama. It features local and breaking news, weather updates as well as sports reports and has more than 2 million unique visitors per month. It has a high domain authority of 89, making for a good backlink.

  1. is the online version of The Huntsville Times, a daily publication from Huntsville, Alabama that covers US breaking and local news as well as sports. The website has over 2 million unique visits monthly with a great domain authority of 89.

  1. is online news publication for The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama. It features sections such as news and sports and has over 180,000 monthly visitors. The news website has significant domain authority of 76 which makes for a good backlink if you are looking to boost your SEO. This publication is more than happy to share backlinks to the release statistics, a great help for boosting your clients SEO rankings.

  1. is the online version of The Tuscaloosa News published daily and based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It covers breaking news, sports and entertainment and has over 145,000 unique visitors to the website per month. The publication’s domain authority is a healthy 71 making it a viable website for your SEO strategy.

  1. is The Dothan Eagle’s online version based in Dothan, Alabama. This is a daily publication that covers the news, sports and weather. The news website gets over 141,000 unique monthly visitors and has a strong domain authority of 66. We found that reaching out before 12pm is the most effective way to catch a writer’s attention at the Dothan Eagle.

  1. is the online version of The Times Daily, a newspaper from Florence, Alabama. It has a unique monthly visitor count of over 140,000 and a domain authority of 65. The online publication covers everything pertaining to news and sports updates.

  1. is the online version of the Decatur Daily which is publish five times a week and is based in Decatur, Alabama. It covers news as well as sports and has over 122,000 unique visitors per month, as well as a domain authority of 65.

  1. is the online version of Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama that publishes top stories, local news and sports. The website’s visitors range from 297,000 monthly and the site has a decent domain authority of 64. If the journalist forgets to include a backlink to the client in an article, they have no issue being sent a reminder email, and usually amend the article in 24 hours!

  1. is the online version of Gadsden Times, a daily newspaper from Gadsden, Alabama. The publication covers breaking news, sports and entertainment. It gets about 95,000 unique visitors per month and has a good domain authority of 62. The journalists at this publication are always super friendly!

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