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Strategic Elements Wins Pollie Award for Iowa Digital Phone Campaign: 

Strategic Elements is a full-service public affairs agency known for creatively combining the strategic elements necessary to activate results.

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Washington D.C.—The nationwide public affairs firm Strategic Elements has been recognized for its political advocacy work and awarded the bronze Pollie Award for Best Phone Campaign. The award was presented by the American Association for Political Consultants, the nation’s only bipartisan nonprofit organization for political professionals. Strategic Elements is a full-service public affairs and communications agency known for its innovative and customized work. The agency specializes in public affairs, public relations, communications, media relations, advertising, and marketing campaigns nationally and in all 50 states.

The firm was recognized for its partnership with FUELIowa and the collaborative creation of Fuel Choice Coalition, a leading voice advocating against Iowa’s 2021 E15 biofuel mandate bill. The award acknowledges an aggressive paid phone campaign, including patch-through calls. The campaign was executed for three months with flexible programs to accommodate the volatile legislative session.

“The coalition voice quickly became the leading opposition voice to the mandate, holding together despite attempts to split the group and opposition criticism,” said Strategic Elements President and CEO Christine Stineman. “Our team’s quick and strategic actions to mobilize alongside strong legislative advocates created a strong and successful foundation. Our efforts made a lasting positive impact, and I’m proud of our collaborative action and teamwork.”

In addition to the phone campaign, Strategic Elements coordinated paid programs, media stories, digital advocacy, and member mobilization, which generated pressure on the legislative process and gave coverage to legislative allies.

“The coalition’s success resulted in an effective advocacy vehicle that halted the progress of the 2021 bill and positioned the organization to substantially affect the following legislative session,” Strategic Elements Chief Strategist John Stineman said. “Our teams established an effective resource to defend and advance long-term priorities for the client.”

The bronze Pollie Award is just one of the firm’s multiple awards. Strategic Elements has received awards for its nationwide work by the American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Awards, Campaigns & Elections Magazine Reed Awards, and Peer Choice Golden Eagle Goldie Awards. For more information on the firm’s coast-to-coast team and award-winning services, head to

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