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RichCast: The ultimate interactive storytelling app released globally.

RichCast – the ultimate interactive storytelling app – has launched globally on iOS and Android mobile devices, with a growing library of diverse voice and touch-controlled titles available to play.

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Embark on a treacherous journey with Count Dracula, travel through a Cursed Village with TV’s Hugo Myatt or investigate crimes with heroine Alex Knight. The choice is always yours!

RichCast, the ultimate interactive storytelling app, is now available globally for iOS and Android devices, delivering unique experiences unlike anything seen or read before.

Once the free RichCast app is downloaded, players can browse and play an exciting library of interactive, ‘choose-your-adventure’ titles, ranging from romance and thrillers to adaptations of classic novels.

A unique aspect of RichCast is that titles can be controlled using voice recognition, in addition to touch screen buttons. Players can literally talk to ‘in-game’ characters, who will understand and respond, allowing for deeper, richer and more immersive story experiences.

RichCast is the brainchild of Philip and Andrew Oliver – The Oliver Twins. With more than 40 years in the games industry, the Oliver Twins have created hundreds of titles including the ultra-popular ‘80s character Dizzy, led two development studios, and have now founded Panivox, the development house behind RichCast.

RichCast was conceived with the idea that anyone should be able to create their own interactive titles without needing to know how to code.

“We believe that many people would like to create and share interactive stories,” said Panivox CEO Philip Oliver. “Currently there’s no way of doing this without learning to code, and it’s even harder to get content published. RichCast is a platform for creating, sharing and playing interactive stories and making them available automatically across many devices.”

Here are just a few examples of the more than 30 fantastic titles available at launch, with more being added daily:-

Dracula – The Doomed Voyage: Embark on a treacherous journey aboard the Demeter, with Count Dracula’s vessel bound for England via the mysterious waters of the Black Sea… Trailer (YouTube) | Images (Drive)

Cursed Village: A collaboration with the legendary Hugo Myatt, renowned for his iconic role as Treguard, the esteemed Dungeon Master in the beloved children’s game show Knightmare… Trailer (YouTube) | Behind The Scenes Video (YouTube) | Images (Drive)

Alex Knight – Murder On 8th: It’s time to prove our heroine Alex Knight is the best detective in the city, but the investigation isn’t going to be easy in this amazing 3-part murder-mystery series… Trailer (YouTube) | Images (Drive)

My Ex-Best Friend: On her first day at her new campus, Violet’s enthusiasm breaks when she realises her ex-best friend, aka her crush, is there as well…Trailer (YouTube) | Images (Drive)

Demon Simulator: Play with fire during your first possession job, what could go wrong? The first day of work is always hellish… Trailer (YouTube) | Images (Drive)

To download RichCast for iOS, click here:

To download RichCast for Android, click here:

Watch the RichCast app launch video here:

RichCast asset pack here (Google Drive): RichCast Mobile Launch Press Pack

Free to download across all platforms, the Tablet, Windows and Mac versions of RichCast include the easy-to-use editor, which allows storytellers to create and publish their own titles. Importantly, no technical experience is required to use the #NoCode app, so creators can easily join a thriving, global user generated content (UGC) community.

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