How much are you missing your work spouse? Our latest PR campaign recently featured on the New York Post.

How to keep a strong relationship with your ‘work spouse’ in quarantine.

“When Christopher Rim and Wafa Muflahi met seven years ago as undergraduates at Yale, they became close friends. Which evolved into a strong working relationship.

For the past five years they’ve been colleagues at education and college consulting firm Command Education in Midtown, where Rim’s the CEO and Muflahi’s a partner and senior program director.

Colloquially known as “work spouses”. Not married, but professional partners who have each other’s backs. In recession and in wealth, no questions asked.

According to a survey conducted by, provider of public relations and digital marketing resources, 63% of respondents would be more productive in lockdown with their work spouse than their real spouse.

One-fourth said they miss their work spouse during quarantine more than they would miss their partner…”

You can read the article in full here on PR campaign:

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