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PR tips
and advice for SMEs

PR Pioneer on 97.1 KISS FM

We conducted a survey across America to discover how many workers were missing their ‘work spouse’ more than their actual partner. Our digital marketing campaign featured on 97.1 KISS FM: “People Are Missing Their Work Spouse During Quarantine”

“A recent survey conducted about employees’ “relationships with their work spouse vs. their actual partner” revealed that 63% of employees working from home think they would be more productive if they were in lockdown with their work spouse instead of their actual partner. 1 in 10 people surveyed say they have mistakenly called their real spouse by their work spouse’s name, while 41% of New Jersey residents in particular say they miss their work spouse more than they think they would miss their actual real spouse. That’s a higher percentage than any other state! (via PRPioneer)”

Read the article in full here.

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