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PR tips
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PR Pioneer featured on KCRR

Our latest digital marketing campaign that discovered the amount of Americans who miss their work spouse featured on KCRR:

“I’ll admit it, I’m missing my “work spouse”. I’m still in the office and she’s working from home. We haven’t seen each other since before “spring break”, that’s over two months now. Yah, we email each other, and even “see” each other on video chat team meetings, but it’s not the same. In the mornings, she’d bring in doughnuts, or for lunch, she would bring me in some left-overs. This from working from home stuff has been hard on all of us, especially my stomach.

If you’re married and you’ve been working in an office environment for a long time, chances are, you have a work spouse. You have a friendship, or you could even call it a strong bond with this person. The key is, neither one of you step over the line and make things awkward.

The average employee spends around 40 hours per week, working a typical 9 to 5 job, that’s a lot of time together with your co-workers. It seems sort of natural to seek support, friendship and loyalty in a space where we spend a large portion of our daily lives. conducted a survey of 3,500 employees working from home in quarantine about their relationship with their work spouse vs. their actual partner…”

Read the article in full here.

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