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PR tips
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PR Pioneer featured on Anchorage Press

Our latest marketing campaign featured on the Anchorage Press. “1 in 5 Alaskans admit missing their work spouse, more than they would their partner”.

The campaign looked at how many Americans missed their work spouse during the lockdown.

“If you work in an office team environment, there may be a colleague or co-worker with whom you share a strong bond. Someone you consider your ‘work spouse’. it’s no wonder we seek support, friendship and loyalty in a space where we (usually) spend a large portion of our daily lives. Considering the average American employee spends around 40 hours per week working a typical 9 to 5 job. However, if you are romantically involved with an actual partner, having a work spouse may trigger feelings of jealousy in your real-life relationship., provider of PR and digital marketing resources, conducted a survey of 3,500 employees working from home in quarantine about their relationship with their work spouse vs. their actual partner. It seems many are struggling to work under the same roof as their partner as 21% of Alaska employees say they miss their work spouse, more than they would their partner!”

You can read the article in full here.

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