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Outbloom PR and Allegro Solutions Announce Partnership and Driving Diversity Program: 

Hartford, Connecticut – Outbloom PR, the leading cybersecurity public relations firm, and Allegro Solutions, LLC, the leading cybersecurity content marketing firm, today announced a partnership that will deliver coordinated public relations and content services in the cybersecurity industry.

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“We’ve worked in tandem for several years, bringing PR and thought leadership content to our shared clients,” said Sonia Awan, CEO of Outbloom PR. “This partnership formalizes that relationship and allows us to work more closely together to build out a more robust public relations program for clients in the cybersecurity vendor arena.”

The two companies also announced a Driving Diversity Program, focused on helping stealth, seed, and Series A cybersecurity and technology startups who support diversity at the founder and senior leadership team levels. The Driving Diversity Program offers discounted services from either Outbloom PR, Allegro Solutions, or through the partnership for companies whose founders and/or leadership teams consist of individuals from historically excluded or underrepresented groups.

“We’re looking to help organizations truly committed to diversity, focusing on founders from historically excluded and underrepresented backgrounds but also recognizing that how a company builds its c-suite can increase diversity across the industry,” said Karen Walsh, CEO of Allegro Solutions. “People discuss the need for – and positive impacts of – diversity, and yet, the (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study notes that the industry remains predominantly white and male. We wanted to put our literal money where our mouths are. We wanted to be the change we want to see in the industry.”

Outbloom PR and Allegro Solutions worked with FIC Human Resource Partners, a culture development organization, who defined metrics across multiple demographics, including gender, gender alignment, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

“Organizational culture is nuanced, but for companies in these early stages, maintaining diversity is difficult,” said Jessica Purdy, CEO of FIC Human Resource Partners. “Too often, founders from historically excluded groups need resources, financial or interpersonal, that can only come from mainstream hiring. We see this kind of initiative as a step in the right direction, giving these early-stage companies the resources, they need so they can stay true to their values without compromising their success.”

About Allegro Solutions:

Allegro Solutions, founded by Karen Walsh, provides consulting and content services for cybersecurity startups, with a focus on translating technical features into business-oriented and compliance-based language. For more information, please

About Outbloom PR:

Outbloom Public Relations was founded by Sonia Awan, who has over 20 years’ experience working within technology sectors. She has helped countless companies reach their desired level of media exposure and brand recognition, servicing start-up companies in all areas, particularly in cyber security and technology in general. For more info, please visit

About FIC Human Resources:

FIC Human Resources, founded by Jessica Jaymes Purdy, provides Social Culture Quality AuditTM and culture development services so organizations can create and maintain the culture employees deserve by fostering inclusive behaviors, engaging in cultural competency growth, and lifting up historically excluded and underrepresented community members. For more information, please visit:

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