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How Public Relations Benefits from SEO Practices, and Visa Versa

How Public Relations Benefits from SEO Practices, and Visa Versa: Marketing is an ever-changing concept. Of course, digital communications have brought about a social media revolution like no other, therefore, it’s no surprise that the landscape of marketing has followed through and undergone a huge change too.

Mainly two segments are affected by this change. Search engine optimisation (SEO) practices and public relations, (PR) now work hand-in-hand on projects that have the same goals and visions. The reason for this is because of how successful these practices have been. The following are seven ways with which SEO practices and PR practices correlate with one another.

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Backlinking is at the core of SEO practice. By associating your website with more influential websites, you will gain substantial search engine rankings. Having just one highly influential backlink holds far greater quality than a lot of poor-content backlinks.

The best part is that a lot of these highly influential websites are within PR’s speciality. Make use of your PR department to capitalise on these highly influential backlinks to boost your search engine rankings. A well-designed PR campaign can help you capitalise on these opportunities through the formulation of similar goals.


SEO focuses on popular keywords and relevant trending topics. By making this information available to those in your PR department, you will enable them to produce stories that already have these keywords in them.

If you concentrate on developing stories that are centred around trending topics, you will in turn boost your search engine rankings. By so doing, you will subsequently boost your click-through rate as well. You can ensure that this happens by simply giving out pieces of information that will help your PR personnel develop great campaigns.


A search engine analysis and measure of your performance can be done by your SEO team to enhance your PR campaigns. Reviews such as these, where the PR team is analysed by its peers, goes a long way in enabling them to create more relevant campaigns that are geared at appealing to your target audience.

Those working in your SEO department can analyse aspects such as the efficiency of keyword searches, click-through rates and many more. Your PR team will then use this information to develop more focused campaigns going forward.


No other department knows the value of social media quite like the public relations department. They can improve search engine rankings through social media promotions by developing content that is not only relevant, but also grabs the audiences’ attention.

The more that PR-developed topics and subjects start making waves on social media, the more visitors you will get to your site boosting your search engine ratings. The SEO department then comes in by using the keywords that PR utilised in their social media message to further enhance your SERP ratings.


Those in the public relations department will tell you how vital networking is. For optimum content dissemination, they will create a network of bloggers and small media houses for coverage that is as impactful as large media posts.

By utilising these small media networks to their full potential, your SEO personnel can add vital keywords into the social media content produced by your PR team. This will further work towards boosting your search engine ratings.


SEO and PR personnel often have conflicting perspectives of media companies. This is mainly due to the kinds of information they have about them. For instance, a PR professional may know the overall language used by a media house; how they hold certain products with high regard and the manner with which its employees report their findings.

While SEO personnel, on the other hand, collect data, such as search engine rankings, the number of clicks onto the website as well as other important internet user information about your website. So, while both PR and SEO vary, their importance is of the same standing.

It stands to reason, therefore, that if both these departments work hand-in-hand then they will be able to produce more impactful campaigns. By utilising both these departments for their respective skills, you will be able to ensure that your campaign reaches its target audience.


Press releases, just like other marketing materials, have evolved over the years. It’s for this reason that PR personnel will use different components for their campaign to effectively engage with the target audience. It’s important to ensure that the digital channels that drive your social media campaigns correlate with one another. This is because your PR personnel will develop a holistic campaign that will grab your target audiences’ attention no matter what channel they use.

Your SEO department is what completes the circle. With the use of popular keywords that match your PR’s content, you will gain more visitors to your website.

Marketing progression is a never-ending cycle. This has led to the interlinking of public relations and SEO. For an even bigger impact, it’s best to allow both these departments to work together and develop attention-grabbing content.

However, PR and SEO perceive the data available as different from one another but share the same goals. They both want the quickest and easiest way to boost visitors to the site. Once both departments reach the level of optimum information dissemination they will have reached their full capacity.

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