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PR tips
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Fire Digital Limited launches

Publishing company, Fire Digital Ltd has launched an online platform where journalists can share news from local, national and international law firms across the world.

Screenshot 2022 05 31 at 13.41.41 300x215 - Fire Digital Limited Launches

The site allows you to discover new policies, and read up on recent industry updates, including how those changes may affect your business and how other law firms are tackling it. It also shares appointments, acquisitions and more, wherever you are in the world.

News categories include Justice and Criminal, Family Law, Commercial, Government, Employment and Careers, Injury and Negligence, Banking and Finance, Dispute Resolution, and Corporate Law.

Interesting recent articles include information on the data privacy and safety issues in the Metaverse, news on the recent local civil court delays, and legal action on the Met police following the Downing Street party.

“We pride ourselves in reporting the most up to date policies and law news from across the globe, keeping our readers connected to the industry wherever they are.”

As well as keeping their readers informed on the latest events within the industry, also provides a platform for practitioners and readers to have their own news published and syndicated,.

Law News is a subsidiary of Fire Digital Limited, a publishing company that specialises in content marketing for professional services.

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