PR tips
and advice
for SMEs

PR tips
and advice for SMEs

Everything you need to know about PR

If you are reading this, you will already understand that PR is incredibly important for your business. Here is everything you need to know about PR.

Crafting a story with a message

A lot of the time, many PR professionals get the core principles PR terrible wrong. At its core, public relations is all about crafting the perfect story. It is about creating compelling stories for businesses. It is also about making sure that the businesses are able to relay their values in the best possible way. A PR agency’s job is to convince the audience that the story they have put forward is authentic and relatable. It is strategy communication between businesses and the public. In order to execute the principles of PR, you need to understand what public relations is all about. Firstly, it’s about creating a relationship between businesses and their audience by crafting the perfect story. It’s all about communication and how to strategically get a message across. This is beginning of everything you need to know about PR.

The duties of a PR professional

A good PR professional will critically assess a company or brand in order to effectively tell their story. Your job as a PR professional is to protect the image of the brand or company you’re working with. This is in the same way as if you are protecting the reputation of a friend. That is why it is good to create and maintain a good relationship with your clients. Therefore, you can protect them to the best of your abilities. As mentioned before, you need to critically assess the organization you’re working with. This is so you can tailor your story to suit the values of the organization. If this business is receiving bad media you can then assess what the best way to remedy this would be. You must shape the way the media and the public view the business, brand or organization. There are tools to help you shape your narrative which are press releases, events such as launches, market research and social media. These tools will help you effectively shape your narrative and send the right message across.

Public relations vs. advertising

As a public relations professional you must know the difference between public relations and advertising. This is very important because you cannot create or shape a narrative if you don;t understand your job description. Advertising consists of the promotion of products or service rather than focusing on the image of the organization, brand or business. Another difference is the price of PR largely differs from that of advertising. PR is undertaken with the assumption of it being maintained over a monthly retainer whereas advertising undertaken as a once of promotion. Advertising is substantially more expensive than PR, and advertising needs to be done multiple times in order to influence consumers. Also advertising firms would be more inclined to sell you more ads so it would be in their best interest to tell businesses what they want to hear. PR agencies deal more with crises and media image so it’s their job to tell you the objective truth in order to do their job effectively.

Limitations of PR

It is also important for businesses to understand the importance of the news and how to interpret it before taking on an agency. It is important for them to understand the limitations that come with public relations. This means that agencies cannot get the organizations of the front cover of major publications with press material that isn’t newsworthy. Agencies are required to reach out to bloggers, journalists and editors with material that is considered newsworthy. Businesses should understand that it is up to the journalist, bloggers and editors to publish this material. So it is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to the PR agency. Lastly, in the world of public relation social media will not replace traditional media outlets simply because social media is not as credible or reputable as major news publications. And these are the basics of everything you need to know about PR.

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