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PR tips
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Cision, an end-to-end consumer and media intelligence and communications platform company, launched a fully integrated monitoring, insights and outreach solution, CisionOne, in the UK. It will be introduced in additional markets, including the U.S., in the next 12 months.

Screenshot 2023 07 11 at 14.35.51 1024x683 - Cision Launches AI-Powered Platform CisionOne

CisionOne is an industry-transforming solution, giving PR and comms professionals the real-time media insights they need to make faster, more accurate decisions. Powered by Cision’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) models, CisionOne Monitoring identifies the most relevant news, trends, and conversations across all media channels, surfaces potentially harmful content and uncovers the true intent behind individual mentions, in real-time. CisionOne transforms industry workflows, freeing up valuable time to focus on what matters: crafting brand strategies and stories that don’t just respond to the present, but shape the future.

“AI represents an incredible opportunity for PR and communications. Cision is leading the industry in applying the technology, in responsible ways, that unlock its full potential.” said Jay Webster, President, Cision Comms Cloud.

CisionOne Media Monitoring marries the revolutionary capabilities of AI with Cision’s proven comprehensive media data, to maximize the benefits of clarity and speed.

  • Brand Risk Score instantly surfaces a range of potentially harmful media content in areas including hate speech, fake news, controversy, sarcasm and spam.
  • Narrative Tracking brings together social and earned media into a single strategic view of the coverage shaping public opinion, as well as the influencers behind them. (Available end of 2023)
  • Stance, the most powerful proprietary alternative to traditional sentiment analysis, contextualizes social and traditional media conversations and uncovers the true intent behind words about topics, brands, companies, and individuals. (Available early 2024)

CisionOne Outreach includes the first media database to combine both AI and human-validated research methodologies. With this enhanced new database, users can effortlessly research and connect with the journalists and influencers who will tell their brand stories best.

“CisionOne is designed to give communicators real-time access to powerful insights that allow them to confidently make decisions that have a material impact on the valuations of the brands and organisations they steward,” said Webster. “As we have for more than 150 years, Cision is committed to bringing market-leading technology and deep expertise to our clients and empowering them to achieve their strategic goals.”

Learn more about the powerful capabilities of CisionOne here.

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